What makes our patented True Color LightTM technology the best?

Our True Color LightTM technology is based around the ability to adjust the color temperature of our lights from 2700K to 7000K but that is just the start. Many factors were taken into consideration including the quality of the light, the flexibility of the product and the health and well being of those that use it.

Adjustable Color Temperature

At a very warm 2700K the reds and yellows are much brighter while the blue tones become more teal.

True Color LightTM technology allows you to adjust the color temperature from 2700K (Kelvin) to 7000K. There are eleven setting or “scenes” to choose from. Warmer light brings out the reds and yellows while cooler light brings out blues and whites. This makes it possible to make the perfect light in any situation. Regardless of competing lights or any other factors you can bring out the true colors in your work of art. For the first time True Color LightTM technology makes it possible for you to see your artwork as it was intended to be scene.

“Like having eleven color

correct bulbs in one!”

At a very cool 7000K the blues are much brighter whiles the reds and yellows are more subtle.

Daylight Quality Light

What is CRI? To put it simply its the quality of light produced when compared to the Sun. The Sun is 100 CRI so the closer to 100 the better. The images below show the difference in low, medium and high quality CRI lighting. At 95+ CRI our True Color LightTM technology produce a near day light quality light.

Eye Care

Our True Color LightTM technology uses LEDs designed to emit stress-free natural daylight, flicker-free, anti-glare without ghosting. This type of lighting help to protect the eyesight of all users.


Our products come with two memory settings, on the remote control, so you never loose your perfect light.