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Method Lights is the Ultimate Lighting Solution for Your Studio. Our products allow you to paint day or night with the Perfect Light!

Testimonial: “I use two method lights in my studio. One for my model, one for my easel. I like that I can dim the light or change from warm to cool, which makes for a great model light. Of course that is a wonderful benefit for painting as well.” – Eric Rhoads, Publisher and Artist, Fine Art Connoisseur Plein Air Artist’s On Art

You can create the perfect light in 3 easy steps.

  • Start your painting and turn on your ML-Direct.
  • Move the color temp up and down until it matches the light your painting in.
  • Turn it off at the switch and when turned on and it goes back to that exact light!

What makes perfect light?

The color or temperature of the light….

There is not magic number. Day light is a huge range of color temperature. Moring and afternoon light are totally different. The only way to match the color of light you want to paint in is to have a range of color temperature available to you.

The quality of the light…

Method Lights uses proprietary and patented technology to achieve the best quality of light for viewing art while maintaining a high energy efficiency. This is achieved by blending multiple types of LEDs to not only deliver a high CRI over 90 but.

The intensity of the light…

Of course the intensity of the light is important. Method Light products come with a dimmer feature allowing you to select the perfect amount of light.

Easy to use!

The ML-Direct can de screwed into any standard light fixture just lie a regular bulb. From recessed can light to floor lamps it will work in almost any light fixture.


  • The ML200

    represents a tremendous leap in technology and maintains all of the features of the ML100.


  • The ML-Direct

    is another game changing innovation
    from Method Lights