ML200 Product Reviews
These reviews and testimonials have been posted on public websites and are made by verified purchasers of our products.

This product is fabulous! We have a special mosaic piece of art that we wanted to showcase. This light is the perfect solution. It was easy to install and I love the options for changing the light colors so you can choose what enhances your artwork the best. I would definitely recommend this product!

Purchased this light for my daughter and son-in-law for Christmas and it works great. It was hung on the wall and shines on a piec of art work. It highlights the art beautifully. Have been very happy with this purchase.

Works as described. We saved a lot of money getting these lights to light up our large photograph. We are very pleased.

This product is outstanding. Beautifully designed, easy to install. Works exactly as promised. Excellent customer service.

This light made a huge difference showing off artwork in small, dark hallway. Ability to soften light a big plus. Worth the price.

This light is wonderful. We are using it to light an expensive painting in our dining room and it really brings out the colors. I love the warm and cool settings which highlights different features of the photo. It was very easy to install.

november-5-2016I’ve never given a review before but I had to for this product. I thought wow that’s a lot of money to light a painting – but heck the art is worth 1000″s so why hesitate. Just installed it by myself (woman who is short!) – and was so impressed I bought another one for the painting on the opposite wall!

These lights are amazing!!!! I own a 1950’s home and electricity in unusual places can be a challenge. I installed these within 30 minutes and they work great for the artwork.

Amazing light output. Puts cool white light exactly where u need it. Ingenious product!!!

september-22-2016Let me begin by saying I’m a bit compulsive about the way things “ought” to work. I have some art hanging against a brick wall with absolutely no way to bring electricity to a ceiling light. I’ve tried two wireless, remote control spots with disastrous results (one would dim out within three hours requiring getting out the ladder and replacing the batteries), the second suffered the same fate. Both were too bright requiring my putting some lighting gels over the lens to soften the harsh light. This weekend I got fed up and went back to amazon. I saw the ML200 and was taken aback by the price (considering my other purchases were less than $50). After reading the specs I was VERY interested. 250 hours of light on a rechargeable battery! A dimmer! The ability to control the warmth of the light (without using gels)! Not only that, but they offer an extension wand to recharge the batteries without having to climb on a ladder. Okay, you get the picture, I was impressed. I just installed the light after making a few “personal” alterations (i.e., I sprayed the unit a flat black and in order to extinguish the glare when sitting across from the light, I used a coiled piece of cardboard painted black to go over the front sticking out an inch–just enough to eliminate the glare if you are sitting starring at the light 🙂
All this said, THIS IS THE SINGLE MOST AMAZING PURCHASE I HAVE MADE THIS YEAR. IT IS QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY. IT WORKS EXACTLY AS ADVERTISED (which is rare these days). Oh, and did I mention that I called the company to ask a question…they are not only friendly, but eager to help in any way. I even read on review where a unit that wasn’t performing up to expectations, was immediately replaced.

If you’re looking for a wireless, remote control light…do NOT let the price deter you, like me, you will admit it’s worth every penny!

The ML200 is an excellent lighting option for art work. I have it installed to light a large limited edition photographic print. Not only is it adjustable in aperture for illumination, but it is also adjustable in hue. The ‘warm’ lighting option beautifully pulled out and accentuated the golden colors of the piece I was lighting. Cooler color lighting for art with blues and greens is also possible. I particularly liked that the light was not attached to my art, but rather mounted (easily) in the ceiling above it. The light is well made, unobtrusive and the ease of remote control operation makes this product a winner in my book!

This was a rather expensive treat for myself but worth every cent! It does everything you could want in a spot for a special painting or piece of art. It was so easy to install and afterwards remove for charging that I can really say everyone can do it! The spot lets you control size of point of light, color warmth or coolness and brightness. It shuts itself off after three hours or you can press a button on the remote and add 3 or 6 additional hours. I called the company to ask a question about the battery pack and they could not have been more friendly or helpful and told me to not hesitate to call if I had any other questions or how they could help again. The remote is small, well marked, easy to use. All batteries are included and after a few hours to get a full charge, the spot it was ready to go. I love it and am now considering another purchase. This is a beautiful deign and I am glad I decided to purchase it.

Great illumination ! Easy to charge battery!

Fantastic light! Easy to install. The flexibility of intensities, temperatures, and focal points makes magical any subject of its beam. Battery life is amazing. I’m now in search of other objects worthy of illuminating with this wonderful product.

This was purchased for a Stained Glass Art piece made for me.. To capture the lighting through the glass was tricky and this lamp was the only one that could have done what we wanted and it turned out to be more than what we had hoped it would be. The lighting color variations brings out every color of the stained glass. thank you. Worth every cent.

This light has been a great purchase. It gives us the flexibility we need to light up spaces for special events or to give paintings the special emphasis or feeling that they were meant to have. The difference between the cool and the warm setting of the light is great and we are able to fine tune it to just the feeling we wish to pull out of a picture. The fact that it doesn’t have to be wired into the room lets us take it wherever we need and I am able to set up a beautiful space wherever we go. Looking forward to trying more ways to light up our life with these lights.