“I use two method lights in my studio. One for my model, one for my easel. I like that I can dim the light or change from warm to cool, which makes for a great model light. Of course that is a wonderful benefit for painting as well.”
– Eric Rhoads, Publisher and Artist,
Fine Art Connoisseur
Plein Air
Artist’s On Art

“This is the very best light I have ever used because it screws into a normal fixture, adjusts, is inexpensive and I can adjusts intensity and temperature of the light. I believe this has long been needed and use it every time I paint in studio or travel.”
Bill Davidson, Artist/Instructor

“Never has one item for my studio meant so much!! The light has the same clear bright light of day! My life as a professional fine art oil painter has been always one of solving problems, the light in my Florida studio was solved by purchasing this. Thank you for inventing such a prize piece!”
Judith Ann Stach, AIS


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