ML-EZ Charger Kit

The ML-EZ picture light is compact, battery operated and installs in minutes on the ceiling with no wiring required. It features our patented True Color LightTM LED technology with 11 color temperature settings, ranging from 2700°K to 7000°K, 95+CRI and dimmer which allows you to bring out the true beauty of any work of art. The included remote control also has two memory settings, timer and 24 hr repeat cycle.


  • Charge your ML200 on the ceiling

  • No more ladders!

  • Easy to use

  • Works on ceilings up to 15 feet high

  • Indicator lights for sure and complete charging

True Color LightTM

Cool Light – 7,000k

Warm Light – 2,700k

Method Lights patented LED system allows you to see art in ways never before possible. The near daylight quality 95+ CRI LEDs coupled with the ability to adjust color temperature (2700K – 7000K) & the dimmer feature, allow you to create the perfect light for any work of art.


  • $50.00 Minimum Advertised Price

  • 10′ Telescopic Pole

  • Magnetic Coupler

  • ML Locator device

  • AC Adapter/Charger extension cord

  • Timer: 24 Hours Repeat Cycle

  • Powered by Included AC Adapter/Charger

How to Operate?

NO MORE LADDERS! The ML-EZ Charger Kit makes charging your ML200 picture/accent light easy! The kit allows you to recharge your ML200, in place, on the ceiling. The Kit comes with a telescopic pole (Extends up to10’), a 15’ extension cord that works with your AC adapter/charger, a magnetic coupler, and the exclusive Method Lights Locator Device that makes connecting your charger super easy! With the ML-EZ Charger Kit you can reach ceilings up to 15’ high.


  • A must have for anyone with an ML200

  • Makes charging your batteries easy

  • No more ladders!

  • Seconds to hook up and charge over night

  • Patent Pending