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This is a very cool item! I was going to put up a light for the dart board in my basement, but bought this instead to utilize the recessed light that was near that wall. It looks great! I’m very pleased with this purchase. Great item!

Works great

screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-9-03-14-amGreat product. Does exactly like it says and much more.

Purchased two of these spots for two paintings and they worked perfectly. I like that a) you can change the diameter of the beam so it doesn’t overlap the painting and b) change the light temperature — one I have set for warm so it brings out the painting’s golds and yellows, the other I set cool which highlights the blues in the painting. And you can adjust the intensity of the light.

A couple of things to note: You may have to lower your light. If you look into the light housing you should see a wing nut that you can loosen and then move the light socket to a lower position. However I used a light extender Miracle LED 605150 U.L. Listed Socket Extenders for LED Bulb, White, 2-pack. There are cheaper ones and longer ones; just search Amazon for “light socket extender”.

The remote needs to be right under the fixture to control it. This is a good thing when you have more than one. Just be aware that it won’t work from (say) your easy chair. These spots are on a dimmer switch for the entire room. When lowering the dimmer, these spots don’t dim. For me, that is a good thing. But they do give off a noticeable hum when the dimmer is lowered (not when fully illuminated). They will turn off when you dim all the way down.

Also, be sure to remove the plastic insert in the remote to make it functional.

The seller was extremely helpful. If you have any problems, contact them and they will do everything to make sure you are satisfied.