Tips on how to sale and display your ML100 to maximize sales.

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  1. Turning the ML100 ONWhen not in use the ML100 is in a “sleep” mode to conserve power. The ON button sends a radio signal to wake up the light, there is a slight delay after the ON button is pushed (1 or 2 seconds). Please be patient, hitting the ON button multiple times will only confuse the computer. The “sleep” mode feature dramatically reduces battery usage so it is well worth the wait!
  2. Displaying your ML100:  The best way to sell the ML100 is to have one installed so your customers can see it in action! Please keep the following in mind.
  3. Location: Your gallery most likely has 15 to 20 times the amount of light than that of a typical home. If you install an ML100 near track lighting and/or windows you will have to use the higher settings to show off the features of the light. If possible, simulate the conditions in a home setting, (reduced ambient light). If this is not possible make your customers aware that they will not need to use the brighter settings in order to showcase their artwork.
  4. Features: Focus on this! You should encourage your customers to use the warm/cool feature and see how it impacts different artwork. They will love it!
  5. AC Adapter:  Because you will be using your demonstration light all day everyday, we recommend that you use an AC adapter power supply. Also, the ambient light (competing light) in your showroom is many times brighter than a typical home. You may have to use the higher settings to show off the lights features, which will drain the batteries.  If you are installing a demo unit we will provide an AC Adapter to you for FREE.
  6. Charging the batteries: You may want to fully charge the batteries of the ML100 for your customers. This is a good thing; however make sure to replace the plastic insert before you put them back in the box. If you are demonstrating a light to a customer you may be accidentally turning on other ML100 lights that are inside the boxes and running the batteries down. Replacing the plastic insert keeps this from happening. We strongly advise you to bundle a charger with the light. We are now offering a package deal of 120.00 for an ML100 & Charger that can be retailed for 239.99.=
  7. Power Usage: The ML100 has four (4) preset power settings. Like your phone or any other rechargeable device the battery life of the ML100 depends on how you choose to use it. All of the features will have an impact on how long the batteries will last.
    1. ENERGY SAVER: Provides the longest usage and produces a pleasing glow that will emphasize any work of art.
    2. MED: The highest setting recommended for typical use.
    3. HIGH: Produces an intense light that is great for viewing art. We encourage the use of all the settings but keep in mind the brighter the light the lower the usage time.
    4. MAX: This mode is the equivalent of a 50watt halogen and should only be used for special occasions such as a party where many other lights are on but you want to showcase your artwork. MAX mode is super bright and will drain the batteries quickly.
  8. Batteries: The ML100 comes with (3) rechargeable 18650 Lithium Ion batteries included for free. These are 2200mAh capacity and can be recharged hundreds of times. ­­Higher capacity18650 batteries are available that can provide about three times this amount of power. As the 18650 battery technology improves batteries that last even longer will be available!