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The HIGH or MAX modes should be reserved to special occasions. We encourage the use of these modes while you are viewing your art and then reduce the power to Energy Saver or MED mode at all other times. The High mode uses more than ten times the power of the Energy Saver Mode. The MAX mode  is the equivalent of a 50 Watt halogen and will drain the batteries quickly. The batteries included for free will operate for approx. 3 to 4 hours in MAX mode. Adjusting the color temp and or dimming this slightly will significantly extend this. You can purchase batteries with higher mAh that will extend the by as much as three times, If you require the continuous use of the HIGH or MAX mode we recommend that you install an AC Adapter.


How to remove the base plate:
1. Hold the light in both hands so that the base plate is facing upward and the light tube is facing left.
2. Place your left thumb on the “nose” of the base plate and your right thumb on the oval shaped hole in the base plate.
3. Using your thumbs push the base plate towards the back of the unit. This should be towards your right.
4. The base plate will move about 1/4 of an inch and you will hear a “click”
5. Then simply pull the base plate off.

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Download PDF: Battery Care