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Some ceilings may require additional support. A toggle bolt is included in the ML100 hardware package for this purpose. If you are unsure of a proper installation contact a professional.

Installation Instructions:

1. Select location for the ML100: A 30 degree angle is the typical placement for picture lights. To insure optimal lighting turn on the ML100 and stand in front of artwork. Move back and forth until the best location is identified. (See image 1)


2. Once the location has been identified remove the mounting plate from the unit and place it in the correct location on the ceiling.

3. Mark the position where the toggle bolt will go in the ceiling. (The hole at the front of the mounting plate. (See image 2)

4. Using the mark made in step 3 pre-drill a 3/8” hole in ceiling where the toggle bolt will go.

5. Place removable adhesive tabs on flat areas of the mounting plate. Show in Blue (See image 2)

6. Insert the bolt through the hole in the front of the mounting plate and screw the toggle on to it. Make sure the toggle in on the ceiling side of the mounting plate. (See images 1,2 & 3)



7. Peel off back side of removable adhesive tabs.

8. Please the toggle into the pre-drilled hole in the ceiling and stick light on to the ceiling. Make sure you have a flat clean surface. (See Image4)

9. Secure mounting plate to ceiling. 1. Tighten the toggle bolt until it is firmly in place. 2. Use mounting screws through holes “A” in the back of the mounting plate. (See Image 2 & 4)


10. Replace light onto mounting plate and enjoy!

If you are unsure of a proper installation contact a professional.