If you require the continuous use of the High or Max setting we recommend that you install an AC adapter. The ML100 can be plugged into a standard wall outlet using a 12V DC Power Adapter  Supply 2.1mm 1A.

How to remove the base plate:
1. Hold the light in both hands so that the base plate is facing upward and the light tube is facing left.
2. Place your left thumb on the “nose” of the base plate and your right thumb on the oval shaped hole in the base plate.
3. Using your thumbs push the base plate towards the back of the unit. This should be towards your right.
4. The base plate will move about 1/4 of an inch and you will hear a “click”.
5. Then simply pull the base plate off.

How to connect an AC Adapter:

1. Gently remove battery pack and power cord  from the housing.  Disconnect battery pack from the unit. (See Image 1)


2. Run the Power Adapter cord through the opening in the mounting plate and plug it in to the unit. (See Image 2)Then plug the adapter in. Always use a surge protector.