Method Lights: Redefining the Way We See Art

The Challenge for Artists There’s long been a void in art studio lighting, and the art lighting industry as a whole. For artists, the optimal scenario is usually natural light, but that can be problematic on cloudy days or when it’s dark outside. Artists will often find themselves working on a piece, and as the light changes, as do the colors. When the lighting isn’t optimal, it becomes difficult to mix colors correctly, and it can also simply make painting a less pleasant experience when the light isn’t what you want or need it to be. Regarding studio lighting, a simple incandescent bulb can have an adverse effect on colors and tones, but in the past, finding a studio lighting solution could also be incredibly expensive. Lighting Art For Display It’s not just in the studio where lighting options or lack thereof can be problematic. People tend to struggle when it comes to lighting their art in their homes or a display situation. Many of the options available either require costly hard wiring and installation, they’re bulky and hang directly on the piece of art, or they require unsightly cords, bringing the focus to the light fixture itself, rather than the art. The challenge for people as they light their art for display purposes is again, much like the studio issue, how to effectively light art in a way that’s aesthetically appealing, but also budget-friendly. The Solution: Method Lights Creating by a long-time art gallery owner, Method Lights is a line of studio and picture lights that specifically speak to the challenges above, and bring an exclusive set of features and capabilities not seen with other art lights. The current collection features the ML200 and [...]